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Duties and responsibility of the Executive Management Team

The Board of Directors has appointed the Vacon Executive Management Team which supports the CEO in the preparation of strategic issues, the handling of significant or fundamental operative matters as well as ensuring internal communications.

The Executive Management Team prepares and guides the development of the Group’s processes and business operations and the Group’s common functions. The Management Team handles, in particular, the company's strategy, budget, major procurements and projects, the Group structure and organization as well as major policies of administration and the HR policy issues.

The Executive Management Team consists of the parent company's CEO and senior management in charge of the functions at the Group level. The Executive Management Team is not an administrative body as stipulated by the Finnish Companies’ Act. The subsidiaries report to regional sales directors. The regional sales directors and production sitedirectors report directly to the designated members of the Executive Management Team.

The Vacon Group's Executive Management Team consists of: 

  • Vesa Laisi, President and CEO
  • Heikki Hiltunen, Deputy of the CEO, Executive Vice President, Market Operations
  • Tuula Hautamäki, Senior Vice President, Human Resources
  • Jukka Kasi, Executive Vice President, Product Operations
  • Ann-Louise Brännback, CFO  

The Executive Management Team convened 10 times in 2014. Sebastian Linko, Director, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, acted as the Secretary to the Vacon Executive Management Team. According to the decision by the Board of Directors, new members of the Executive Management Team will not be covered by the additional pension insurance. Thus Pia Aaltonen-Forsell who joined the Vacon Executive Management Team in 2013 is not a participant in the additional pension insurance but otherwise the members of the Vacon Executive Management Team have an equivalent retirement age, additional pension insurance as well as life insurance as the CEO.