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VACON 100 – 100 reasons to choose from

VACON 100 is a multipurpose drive that can be used in hundreds of different applications. Its versatility is what sets it apart from competitors, and the features it contains are designed to make it easy to run and maintain. Built-in Ethernet allows for easy integration to plant automation and VACON Live means the user can commission, maintain and monitor performance remotely. The drive can be customized for all kinds of purposes to ensure you get the most out of it, whatever the environment you need it for. 


  • Built-in Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU. Profinet I/O or Ethernet/IP as software option

  • Integrated Safe torque off (STO) option, Safe Stop and ATEX thermistor protection

  • EMC compliance with integrated RFI filter.

  • Integrated DC chokes

  • Conformal coating

  • Compact IP54/UL Type 12 with same footprint as IP21/UL Type 1

  • Flange mounting

  • Side by side mounting for IP54/UL Type 12

  • Standard I/O + 3 free slots

  • Fieldbus options, integrated PLC capability

  • High efficiency >97% + energy optimization

  • Energy counter

  • Real time clock with calendar based functions

  • Optimized control of cooling fan

  • Drive Optimizer for adapting functionality


  • Compliance with global standards and approvals

  • Easy integration into plant automation

  • All-in-one package – no additional accessories required

  • Easy and cost effective commissioning, installation and monitoring

  • Suitable for wide installation needs

  • Wide power range 0.55 kW to 160 kW


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Precise process control is essential in the production of food and beverages. VACON AC drives enable accurate control and improve work safety and reliability. Valio is the market leader in all key dairy product groups in Finland, and has numerous major consumer brands in its portfolio.

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